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What will I need to bring?


All of our events are at Southcott Farm, Winkleigh in Devon. This site has fields and woodlands for us to play in, but can get quite muddy if the weather is wet so sensible footwear is advised. On this note the site is in Britain and that means the weather will be typically British, so expect anything from blazing sunshine to torrential rain and everything in between and pack accordingly! Bring extra clothing in case you get wet, suntan lotion, and plenty of socks!

You will need to bring camping equipment with you as well as enough food for the weekend. If you plan on having hot food (which is highly recommended), then cooking equipment will be needed. Make sure you have enough fuel! The nights can be a bit cold so make sure you have enough kit to keep yourself warm, and maybe a blanket or cloak. 

There is a water standpipe on site, but a container to store water in your camp is a good idea. You should also bring something to carry water with you when you are off adventuring away from the camp, a small water bottle or flask should do the trick. 

Toilet facilities are provided on site but not showers. Some people choose to bring a camping shower with them, another option is to bring baby wipes to freshen up with.

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