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New to LARP?

What is LARP?

Live Action Role Play (also known as LARP or LRP) is a form of interactive storytelling where you can take on the role of a character and have your actions affect the way the story progresses. Unlike tabletop role-playing games, in LARP we actually dress up and play as the character rather than just using paper and dice. We have a set of rules that help you to know what your character is able to do and how others actions and abilities may affect your character. LARP usually involves a mixture of combat and immersive improvised acting (role-play). The true joy of LARP is the way in which it allows you to escape the ordinary everyday world and got to another place, where you can do things that might seem impossible in normal life. There you can be the hero of the story, (or maybe even the villain) just like in your favourite book or movie.

Each event has a story or 'plot' which takes place as part of a longer, ongoing campaign and will be set within a well developed world, rich with its own history, important people and infamous villains. When you talk to the other people on the event you will learn some of their stories and get a chance to make some new ones.

Most events will have a mixture of things to do and interact with:

Combat - There will be many foes to overcome. Some will be easy to fight, others will be much tougher, and some will need a group of fighters to defeat. Combat is carried out using specially made 'safe' weapons that are constructed using foam and rubber. When used appropriately this allows people to strike one another in relative safety. At the start of every one of our events all weapons are safety checked to ensure they comply with our safety standards. All  participants at our events will need to pass a combat competency to ensure they know how to fight safely. If you've never used a LARP weapon before though don't worry, there will be people who can teach you.

Role-Play - Not everything you encounter will be an enemy to fight, some things may require stealth and trickery, or maybe a silver tongue and a quick wit. From sitting around a campfire sharing stories and drink, to trading with a wandering peddler, to getting information from the locals there is a huge variety of things and people to interact with.

Puzzles - There will always be things that need a sharp mind to solve, such as translating ancient scrolls or solving riddles. Maybe you will have the answer that is needed.

But the most important part is that everyone has fun! So if you want to come and have a go at one of our events, we recommend you have a look through this website and read the rulebook. The Events page has more details on what you might need to bring with you. You might also want to join our Facebook page and get to know a few of us.

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