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The World

Use your imagination and go back in time, through history. Go back and stop in that period between the Romans leaving and the Normans invading. Now step sideways in your imagination and enter a world of fantasy. Magic abounds and the mythical races of Elves and Dwarves are commonplace in existence. Looking around you see most of the humans to be of an Imperial nature, and while they represent the majority, there are certainly others. Among the Elves and other fantastical races, you also see creatures of a more bestial, or even monstrous, deposition. The world is full of beings of imagination. Orcs, Undead and even Dragons dwell here. You are in the Phoenix Isles; The Fields of Illusion.
Apparently arriving long ago from another realm, the camp seemingly appeared from nowhere. It has a reputation of surviving through the hardest of times. Either through skill and steel or negotiations they have truly made a mark on the map. From forming an alliance to the local Countess to providing safety and security for the refugees of a recent Daemonic and Celestial invasion. With their reputation of making deals with a variety of powerful entities the surrounding area has named the camp Brokersfield. 
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