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New event discounts and reimbursement schemes for those who are new players or existing players who bring new players to the field!

See the booking page for more details!
Are you ready to enter the Phoenix Isles?

We are a Live Action Role-play Game based in Winkleigh, Devon. Our setting is High Fantasy with a dash of black powder weaponry for extra flavour. Within our Realm, there is a world of possibilities, whether you choose to play as a Human, Elf, Orc or maybe something even more exotic. With our custom rule set most character ideas are possible, you can enjoy the freedoms of a world that has never been explored, attend adventures to the surrounding lands outside of the camp, or you can stay within the 'safety' of the camp boundary.

Fields of Illusion is open to all ages, and whilst we will endeavour to include the little ones as much as we can, most of our plot is geared towards the 16+ age range.

Never been to a LARP event before? That isn't a problem. At the start of every event we will hold competency training on all of the important skills that you might need, if you wish to fight for your life. If you don't wish to fight, that is no problem either as there are always some challenging puzzles that could do with your assistance. 

So are you willing to enter a brand new world? Then step forward into the Fields Of Illusion.

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